Academy and Participation & Details

Design in cocreation with nature, users and their needs.

A new profession:

Essential Creator
Your generation needs you !


1. Ipek Kuran, Turkey:

2. Cansu Karakiz, Turkey

3. Melody Acar, Turkey

4. Sebastian Keller, Germany

  1. 5.Hatice Dayıoğlu, Turkey

6. Jiri Kotouč, Czech Republic

7. Thijs De Bond, Belgium

... we have still free places.

Supporter & Lecturers:

Bernd Jaenicke, Germany  (Dipl. Pol., Dipl. Soz. Päd., mehrfach akkreditierter  Unternehmensberater“)

Barbara Gelthäuser, Germany  (Teacher)

Michael Gensler, Germany  (Architect, Webdesign)

Clara Hahn, Germany  (Artist/Personal Coach)

Dariusz Smiechowski, Poland (Ecological architecture)

David Eyer, Czech Republic, (Building biology , healthy materials)


First year basic training:

-Practical preparing of Intuition and additional years according to your needs and wishes.

-Each seminar runs for two weeks and there is a new seminar every two months 5 Seminars a year.
In between the seminars tasks are assigned to participants.
Study alongside your job is possible!

Training fees:

Monthly payment 195,-
per month in the first Year (Plus Accommodation in seminar centers)

The entrance of the Immatriculation fee of 100,-€  is considered as the safe application.

-Limited number of participants 15

Director : Reinhard J.B. Coppenrath
Places of study: - Berlin / Germany -

  1. -Cracow / Poland - Bodrum / Turkey -

Our Academy is based on personal contact.
Do not hesitate to send an email or call.
For an appointment by skype contact (reinhard.coppenrath), send an SMS before.


European Academy for Applied Intuition & Essential Creation

Oderberger Strasse 16

10435 Berlin

Tel: oo49 / 178 17o 95 4o

Quotations & motivation of Participants:

Ipek Kuran; Turkey:
The potential of the human being is incredible and the important thing is to go back to our inner child and never lose our curiosity to discover the earth.”

Cansu Karakiz, Turkey:
“More than a workshop... it is a kind of prove that there could be a better world, which contains more proper living in the 21st century, and we have the ability of design it".

Hatice Dayıoğlu:

“This workshop has affected my life a lot. It is not all about architecture. It’s actually about something which is more general, a pure feeling, love. And, in this way, I feel that I am alive.”
“I believe that this workshop developed us in a way that I can see everything we do and feel has a contribution to our work.

Shoolbuilding Workshop: ... we learned how children develop. By acting children, I could see their feelings, expectations and needs which later became a tool for our imagination. Therefore,... this all was so important because it reflects our inner child and it is something so unique and strong for a school building.“

Sebastian Keller, Germany:
“Mich interessiert besonders die Sprache der Dinge wie sie sich in ihrer Form ausdrückt".

„I am particularly interested in the language of things as expressed in their form“.

Thijs De Bond:
“Because if something feels good, you do not have to think about it too much, you should just do it. For this simple reason I want to do this!".

Jiri Kotouč, Czech Republic:
"You had given me an inspiration in looking for a way how to give to clients the best for them.

Your workshop was a step on the way of knowing how to make clients lucky.

I am looking  forward to the next seminar with new things which I can be  interested  in!"

The academy as a space in which to rediscover intuition

In contact with nature and our surrounding we get in touch through our being with the pure essence of all being.

All places are enriched with information, inviting to perceive them. We assist, like a midwife, bringing to the world what is needed in each unique situation.


An architecture which forges
links between human being and nature.
Manifested in a playful, dance-like way. With the innocent joy of a child, we gain the access to our competencies, which reside within us.
With expert architectural knowledge, our buildings become a formative force in culture and a vital contribution for our communities.
The academy is an invitation to encounter the self while providing a forum for questions which arise. Each participant contributes his unique colour. We evolve a supportive community established by means of the various cultures and from the infinite plenitude of life’s moments.
Oriented towards practical implementation, the seminars are held in places which inspire and
challenge us.