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Reinhard Coppenrath

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10435 Berlin

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About Reinhard Coppenrath

Reinhard Coppenrath studied Organic Architecture and Sculpture at the Alanus University in Bonn, Germany and Pedagogy at the University of Warsaw, Poland. He lived and worked as a teacher and architect for 13 years in Poland and Ukraine where he deepened his knowledge in the field of alternative pedagogy, language, dance and architecture.

For the past 25 years Coppenrath has been working on this question:

“How can we find a new way in architecture of unifying the ever different and constantly changing influences of nature, function and the unique needs of the users? How do we create an organism as a synthesis of these 3 sources?” Coppenrath’s life experiences finally lead him to the universal tool of Intuition.

As a German born architect from the West, who lived and worked in Eastern European cites like Kiev and Warsaw, one of Coppenrath’s main achievements is developing an architectural design method which finds a balance between the Eastern and Western attitudes. In addition, his design approach or focus is on an architecture which really develops out of a strong sense of the deeper needs of the user - the human being - thus giving the building a soul again! It is a method which aims to create space around the practical and spiritual needs of human beings. The work of Coppenrath is also an exploration of buildings as a ‘Body’ or ‘Organism’. He sees the building as a visual sculpture or expression of the Spiritual Being - the being of the Site, Family, Group or Institution. His architectural and pedagogical approach is constantly growing and evolving and can never be categorized or labelled as having a certain ‘style’.

Reinhard Coppenrath has given several workshops on Organic Architecture and Practical Intuition in various cities such as Kiev, Budapest, Munich, Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow and Prague. Izmir will soon be added to the list!

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