„... become a midwife for new solutions.... "

Essential Creation and life-based art.

A natural way to use your intuition to create step-by-step solutions from the uniqueness of the situation.

Public events:

---Creating space for creativity---

International Workshop

Buildings created by intuitive methods always supports the people.

You learn to use Your Intuition in safe methods step by step.

It s not just for architects and teachers and those who want to become it !

..Everybody who are not happy with the ruling systems.

...For those, who know there is more.....

....or just want more for there life

What do You gain :

-more inner safety in Your unlimited intuitive abilitys

-stress releasing tools

-Systematic approach in Intuition

-a working life full of joy

7 day's , which change Your life.

The Workshop:

Painting, sculpturing and dance will help us as ways for self development. Next to it we learn to use our inner creative possibility throue an exemple of an architectural designing task.

---The Project : Design of a "school building" of a new kind---

A space where the creativity can stay a life and truely flower.

Where everybody lives his real beeing from the core.

First we collect all our dreams and then we let grow slowly but secure a space around it. A space which realy support the unknown which want s to be born.

Lots of joyfull exercises in art and movement are creating a ground where You learn to design out of Your deep inner knowing.

How would a supportive space would look like ?

We do not answer this, we learn designing processes, which let it grow by them-self.

We are not needing answers anymore, we need questions,

the answer will encounter us from the future.

A future, which is much more colorful then the past.

At the end we come step by step to the form in making models and plans of real supporting spaces in scale 1:50

We live in the best moment of world history!

Why ?

You feel it , do You ?

Anyway, that's not a feeling anymore lots of scientists are talking about it like Gerald Hüter, Einstein, and the known Psychologis Claire Graves and more.

There is a change going on like last time in 15 century.

Let s be part of it.

What an enormous chance, but also an enormous chalange !

For having a good foundation in the beginning we are coming in contact with, the streams in conciousness development. called today " Spiral dynamics " which is a known tool for coaches and manager.

Not in talking, we will dance it. with the " Evolution dance transformation"

But this is just the base. in the week, we go slowly deeper and deeper in Your personal unpersonal possibilities of integral work and Intuition, which is already there, if You met it or not.

------All the solutions are living in you ! ------

There is ways to get in contact with them, step by step...

with lot s of joy.

There is not anymore the need to run and look for it in the outside


We find Your personal intuitive strength....easily.

to go step by step to the unique space and buildings for the unique situation.

Different methods are allready prepared.

We will learn the " functional cloud " + " Participatory designing " + " designing out of the future " and other intuitive- supportive designing methods by Reinhard Coppenrath and slowly You find Yours.

But most important : Architecture as a joyfull art.

The time is ripe !

We are creating our spaces from inside out.

More then this we let the place and situation create.

We are " just " the midwife.

Workshop content:

-Evolution dance

-Ways of a future education

-What is intuition?

-Intuitive designing methods in architecture

-intuitive methods in education

-Future workshop

-Sharing Your dreams

-Experience games

-Intuitive painting

-finding Your personal intuitive strength

-Architectural designing processes

-Creating a model of an supporting space in clay

7 days workshop

to go realy deep in Your possibilities

Trainer : Reinhard Coppenrath

Reinhard Coppenrath is the founder of the:

Supportive - intuitive architecture

He studied Organic architecture and sculpture in Germany as well as Alternative Education in Poland and Germany

His life Question is how to create spaces which are realy supporting the people to live what they realy want and support the nature around aswell.

So the workshop is just to this.

So his life is dedicated for developing methods in all kind of fields in the last 33 years.

Among them 18 methods in Architectural designing lots of Intuitive ways also for example in dancing,painting, education, etc.

Burn in western germany, living 13 years in slavic country's he feels is happy to bring up ways of creating which includes the strength of both parts of europe , east and west . Living , lecturing and working in several country's he says, he did not just learned from the people but also he learned a lot of the earth in Turkey , Check Republic, Poland! Ukraine ad more......

The architect as the midwife of that what wants to be at this unique place ...with this people and there particular needs....


The fee for the 7 days workshop : 490,- €

Evolution dance transformation is for the Workshop participants free of charge.

Earlybird reduction To the February 28 : 390,-€

For reductions, please give a sign : 220,- € ,

Early bird to February 28 : 180 ,-€

Bank account :

Berliner Bank

Reinhard Coppenrath

IBAN: DE1710070848 06664965 00

Berlin and Dachatelier are a perfect base to open Your unknown inner possibilitys

The workshop is tanking place at " Dachatelier " in the European academy of applied Intuition


Oderbergerstr 16

10 435 Berlin


0049 30 85611799

0049 1781709540



Group dormitories are available there for 15,-€ the night.

We will help You in finding also private rooms and Hotels in 500m distance


Lot s of wonderfull restaurants are around which have special offers for lunch

for 5-7 ,-€

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„Healing Architecture“

Bodrum / Türkei 2013

"I can say that: At first I didn’t believe that the exercises we were doing could help me

to understand the children physiology and design a school for them. But  later I realized

that the experiences I had during the seminar not only helped me to develop myself in

terms of design but also improved my creativity and imagination. Moreover, after the

seminar I realized that the architecture is not only the drawing or a digital model, it is more life-based. It was amazing experience for me ..."

Sedef Catalkaya from Izmir took part in the Seminar:"How to create a shool building for humane

development" Berlin 2012

"Intuition is the result of a systematic approach" Novalis

European Academy for Applied Intuition & Life-based Architecture

"...we do not pass on knowledge, we open wisdom-creating states"

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